Decentralized Storage Network for Future Industries

The storage drive you have been waiting for is now a reality.

Add our storage box to the network and earn tokens by renting storage space, bandwidth, VPN and more.

A Global Storage Network


Files are not stored in a single location

Millions of devices make up a huge Storage Network

Dynamic distribution of files

High redundancy

Lower storage costs

No more storage problems

They are finally a thing of the past.

Enjoy unparalleled benefits without ever having to worry about data storage and security, backups or speed of access.

Smart Contract Storage

Secure file storage for escrow, marketplaces, games, financial institutions, and more.

Blazing-Fast Performance

Our DSN acts just as a Content-Delivery Network, becoming faster and faster as it grows.

Hardened Security

Every file is encrypted, split into chunks, and uploaded on multiple redundant nodes across the world.

Our Technology

Best in-class Standalone Storage Device
  • Scalable and extensive 5-bay storage capability (up to 80TB of data storage)
  • 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dual LAN Port
  • Built-In UPS
Secure & Decentralized File Sync
  • Multi-chunk parallel file sync
  • Zero-Trust security

Storage Economy

Renting storage space

Purchase our Network-attached Storage box and share unused space to gain monetary rewards.

Hosting VPN nodes

Rent your unused bandwidth and extend your passive income stream.

The Future is Bright

A platform for future needs, built on cutting-edge technologies.

Data Exchange

Users can sell deliverables over the network, facilitating file exchange. Easy integrations with our REST API.

Your Data is Yours

Yoosend DSN allows you to easily move your files to and from our network, ensuring your data is never kept hostage.

S3 Compatibility

Yoosend DSN has out-of-the-box S3-compatibility, making it easy to integrate in your projects.

Seamless Backups

Easy to use tools to back up your devices on the DSN and restore confidently in case of data loss.

Green Commitment

Help against global warming by avoiding unnecessary heat production

We do not cut down trees to build large data centers

We do not need a power plant to keep your files available

We have committed to having a low carbon footprint

We Are Hiring

That's right! Our office in Romania, Bucharest is looking for new talent to join our team and help shape our company's future.